As a contractor, you have an intuitive understanding of how to solve drainage problems, but often need someone with an engineering background to tell you whether a given solution will work, and whether there are other elements you haven't thought about.  You may need permitting assistance with stormwater related projects, or a peer review of your design engineer's work. You may need a stormwater expert to visit your site, or to file a conformance study after construction if your design engineer is out of the picture.  And you'll need all these services on a budget that doesn't hurt your margins.

Campbell Civil Consulting can offer unparalleled stormwater expertise for tasks such as site observation, peer review, conformance studies, legal services, or hourly/on call services at rates well below what a contractor would ordinarily expect to pay to a larger firm.  CCC also partners with contracting firms to pass work to them as it arises, giving the contractor a leg up in the bid process.