In today's regulatory environment, almost every land development, from residential subdivisions to large commercial tracts to city residential high rises, incorporates some sort of on-site stormwater management facility. These facilities range from open wet ponds to underground detention vaults, and meet their regulatory objectives in a variety of different ways. Responsible project owners and facilities management agencies utilize experts to inspect these facilities annually, ensuring their proper function and avoiding unpleasant and costly repairs.

CCC performs dozens of such inspections in any given year, and has performed the annual inspection for the luxury residential high rise at O5 Buckhead since 2013. The O5 Buckhead facility is an underground cast in place concrete detention vault, which detains runoff before exiting the property. While its facility is simple, it does require confined space entry permits to inspect. CCC has current and up to date confined space entry training, and maintains a relationship with its market partner Plastek Werks to provide the necessary crew members and equipment for a safe and legal inspection of underground stormwater facilities.

CCC was also a member of the Technical Stakeholder's Advisory Board for the City of Atlanta's most recent stormwater ordinance, which required stormwater runoff capture and reuse or groundwater infiltration as part of the overall stormwater management plan. We have extensive experience not only in inspecting these sorts of systems, but designing them as well, and bring all our theoretical hydrology and hydraulics knowledge into the facility with us when we perform an inspection.